English Essay on dog for School,College and University Students

A dog is the most commonly owned pet. Because of the quality of being loyal to its owner and protect its owner from all sorts of danger. A dog can live up to 12 to 15 years, but during this time, you will make such a good bond with your dog that it will be hard for you to say goodbye to him.


Essay on dog For Secondary level (500words)

People love having a pet so that they can take care of them, spend time with them and love them with all their heart. For me the dog is a perfect pet, it is more like a friend who stays with you and protects you. If you have a dog pet, then you can relate to the fact, that how much they love you and they show their love by licking and wagging their tails. Other than that, we all know how loyal dogs are and how friendly they can be.

How is dog useful to us?

Being a loyal pet, the dog is always going to stick by you no matter what; he will never let any unknown enter your house. If you own a sheep, then dogs also protect the sheep against predators like wolves or fox. It is a very vigilant animal that catches negative signs and vibes before you.

How do you take care of a dog?

Having a dog pet is not enough, it is equally important to take good care of your dog. By providing him with good quality food, giving him fresh water, communicate and play with your dog to form a bond with him. Train your dog so that he can follow your commands, keep him neat and clean and spend quality time with him, work on his grooming because it’s your responsibility to take care of the dog if you own one.

What jobs can I give my dog?

There are many small tasks that your dog can do if he is well trained like you can ask him to bring a newspaper for you. He can close doors for you, clean a room by putting all the dogs toy away, you can also ask while playing to fetch the ball, you can ask him to guard the house, he can pull the cart for you. There are so many jobs that you can give to your dog, but every dog is different, and tasks should be given considering this fact, and in the end, it is all about training.



How can I spoil my dog? 

Who doesn’t love spoiling his dog, I do, and I am going to share tips with you people that are easy to do and will spoil your dog:

  • By cooking his favorite food, because they love eating.
  • Go for walks with your dog and spend quality time with him.
  • You make him learn new things, and he will love it.
  • Play the fetching game, and he will love you for this.
  • You can go swimming with him and have a great time together.
  • Give him a good massage and see how he falls asleep

In short, having a dog is a lot of fun but requires your attention and love. It’s going to stay loyal to you, become your best buddy and often will sleep cuddling you and going to bark whenever he sees a stranger or someone that he feels is dangerous for you.


Essay on dog For Elementary level (300words)


The dog is a mammal that usually people keep as a pet, there six sense and watchfulness is what that makes it the most common pet. Since dogs are carnivorous, so they love eating meat. If you own a female dog, then be prepared for having 3 to 6 puppies at the same time. The dogs have a life span 12 to 15 years.

How is dog useful to us?

Dogs can be a lot of help. They can carry your things, pull your cart, find things you are looking for and most important they can become your best friend, which every person needs. Moreover, they will love you deeply and keep all the negative people away from you.

How do you take care of a dog?

Taking care of a dog is very easy, but one should be regular with it. Like grooming your dog by keeping him clean, trimming his nails. Other than that, the dog should be provided with good quality food and fresh water, so he stays fit and healthy.

What jobs can I give my dog?

The question should be what jobs you cannot give to a dog. There are plenty of things that a dog can do, like fetching a ball, bringing your things, they can guard your house, go on long walks with you. What else you want.

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How can I spoil my dog?

Cook him his favorite food, bath him, take him to a parlor for proper grooming, and make a small doghouse for your dog where he can rest. However, along with all this, you can also play with him, and he will be more than happy. You have to love him to spoil him I would not call it spoiling, but this is just love that your dog needs.


Essay on dog For Primary level (150words)


Dogs can be the most adorable pet, they will love you, they will keep you secure and show their love most cutely by licking you, and you can’t do anything but only love them back.

How is dog useful to us?

It is a very useful animal for people who are handicapped as dogs can do a lot of work for them, like fetching a thing, taking them to places, finding things and guard the house, etc.

How do you take care of a dog?

Dogs do not require a lot of caretaking, all they need is your love and your time plus good food and water and they will stay healthy and happy.

What jobs can I give my dog?

Like you can make your dog bring things for you, train him to understand your commands so that he can help you in times of need and call for help if you ever meet an accident.

How can I spoil my dog?

You do not need to do anything to spoil; he will be spoiled when you will love him and pamper him.


Essay on dog For Senior Students (1000words)


We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend and have always been a part of our human society. The relationship with the dog is not the relationship with any other pet. If you have a dog, it means you will have a best friend for life. There are different breeds of dogs that have different requirements. The dog is the most common pet because of its many qualities in which one of them is its loyalty and faithfulness. This relationship between you and your dog keeps growing and keeps getting stronger with time.

I have seen many people owning a dog, and the way they communicate with their dog is just amazing, it feels like they are the part of the family and not a pet. Dogs are such a concerned pet, they if you feel sad they will come to you and make you happy. But they are a very attention seeker, they want your attention more than anything, and they will do things to grab your attention. They show their happiness by waggling their tail and licking your face. In short, a dog is what you need if you are looking for a pet.

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How is dog useful to us?

If you are having a bad day, then try talking to your dog, although they won’t understand a thing, the way they will stare at your and nod like they know what you are talking about will make you happy. Dogs are very useful to guard your house by protecting any stranger from entering your house either a human or an animal. They will take care of you like by watching you sleep by roaming around you and playing with you.

If you are not a social person and live along then having a dog pet is a good idea he will entertain you enough, keep you happy and make you feel special by showing their love to you and will never leave you if you are sad. Other than that, you feel special when you have a dog because it makes you feel secure.

Having a pet is a lot of physical activities so if you think you are not an active person then own a dog, and you will see a huge difference. Also, dogs deviate your mind from all the worries and problems it just keeps you happy.

How do you take care of a dog?

Taking care of a dog does not cost a fortune; instead, you can take care of your dog by doing these simple things that will also be in your budget.

  • Provide him a proper shelter along with good quality food and water so that he stays fit and healthy. But make sure he does not put on too much weight and consult to the veterinarian for the food requirement of your dog.
  • Have regular checkups of your dog with the veterinarian, and he will tell you about your dog’s vaccination and in case of any injury or illness to your dog do consult him.
  • Keep him fit by engaging him in regular exercises so that he stays healthy and enjoy activities.
  • Make sure your dog’s teeth are clean and free from cavities as some breeds are more prone to teeth diseases than others and it can also be fatal.
  • Another thing is to keep your dog clean and trim his nails and work on their grooming, so they look good and fresh.
  • Communicate with your dog daily, as they need your attention and what would be better than talking to them and telling them about your whole day.


What jobs can I give my dog?

Different types of dogs are good for different types of things; like Bullmastiff, a breed of dog has great strength and good instincts, so people mostly keep this type of dog for their house protection. Dober Pinscher dogs are fast and can run faster in case of a stranger getting inside your property especially if it is a large property.

Komodor dogs can be used to protect sheep as its fearless and courageous pet. The German shepherd is we all know as always considered by policeman due to their confident and bold nature and they also are a fast learner. Other than these things, dogs can help walk a blind man go around the town, fetch things for you, find things for you and can sniff and look for things with you and above all he can love you without any conditions.

my favourite pet dog essay
How can I spoil my dog?

Now that’s easy, just go out with him as often as you can for dinner or for long walk, make him his favorite food, play with him whenever you get free time, take him to parlor and groom him, give him a nice long massage and he would ask for it again and again. Make a room from him, where he can play and rest at night, bring new toys for him or play new games with him that he likes and sleep with him and cuddle more often and he would never leave you.

In the end, owning a pet is a great responsibility and requires proper training and socializing. But having a dog means you will a have a friend for life that too will always stick by you and live with you 24/7, will watch over you and will love you unconditionally. You cannot have the same king a bond with a person that you have with your dog because they ask nothing but love in return.

Dogs are smart and have a six sense, and that is why it is owned by most of the people. In short, a dog can be your partner in crime, your best buddy, your shoulder to cry on and your guardian and the most amazing thing is it won’t leave you until he dies but before that he will always look out for you and will have your back and going to love you the most.




English Essay on dog for School,College and University Students
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English Essay on dog for School,College and University Students
A dog is the most commonly owned pet. Because of the quality of being loyal to its owner and protect its owner from all sorts of danger.
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