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Essay on Diwali Season For Secondary level (500words)


Diwali is one of the festivals that is celebrated in full spirit by Hindus all around the world.

It comes in between October and November and is celebrated by people of all ages, so it doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult this festival is for you and you can also take part in the celebration by decorating the house with candles and Diya and by following the rituals of this day.


Why do we celebrate Diwali?


When the world is full of hatred, and there is no space for love, we need such occasions to bring people close, to promote love and spend quality time with our loved ones. This is the day where people worship Lakshmi and Ganesha, and they celebrate the return of Rama and Ayodhya.

The story behind this is that Rama came back to his hometown after getting victory over Ravana, who kidnapped his wife so the people of his hometown were happy to know about the news and they decorated the whole town with candles.

How do people celebrate Diwali?


On this day people burn the effigies of Ravana and decorate their place with a candle and make rangoli at the entrance and they do fireworks and host parties at their place and invite people to their place. And they together worship Lakshmi and make sure the house is clean and tidy as per their believe she only comes to a place that is neat. Children also enjoy this festival by burning firecrackers and playing games with other kids.


What do you eat on Diwali?


Since Diwali is a big festival and is a great occasion for eating your favorite food and, as it is a 5-day celebration, people cook food and eat with their loved ones. There are sweets like barfi, ladoos, fried items like samosa, aloo tikki and many more items that especially made for the occasion and people eat these special meals with their loved ones.

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What three religions celebrate Diwali?


Diwali also was known as the festival of lights is not only celebrated by Hindus, but it is also celebrated by Sikhs, Jain, and Muslims, as it such a big festival that is celebrated with full enthusiasm by the Hindus and other minorities living along with the Hindus celebrate this day with them in order to be a part of their happiness just like Hindus celebrate Eid and other festivals.

Diwali is a great occasion to patch up with your enemies and make new friends, promote love and peace this what the world needs the most at the moment. Be the reason of someone else’s happiness and make this Diwali eco-friendly by not burning firecrackers and avoid polluting and celebrate this day with people who can’t afford to celebrate this day such as poor people, who wait for this day to come.

Spend this day with them and make them feel special and buy them gifts and bring food for them so that they can also feel what it is like to celebrate a festival.



Essay on Diwali Season For Elementary level (300words)


Diwali that is also called Dipawali, which means a row of diya, is a festival that is celebrated by all the Hindus around the world. It comes in autumn in between October and November, making your autumn full of enjoyment and celebration and people worship Lakshmi on this day by decorating their houses with diyas so that Lakshmi comes to their house an give her blessings.

Why do we celebrate Diwali?


Diwali is celebrated in the memory of the return of the exiled Rama, who came back to his country after winning a war with Ravana, who abducted his wife, people celebrated this day with diyas and lights, and therefore, lightning considered as the main ritual.

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How do people celebrate Diwali?


There are so many ways to celebrate Diwali; you can light diyas in the house and your neighborhood, burn firecrackers with your friend and family, go to temples to worship Lakshmi. People also make rangoli on the entrance in the celebration of this day.

What do you eat on Diwali?


The question should be what you don’t eat on Diwali; you eat everything you don’t get to eat on normal days like samosa, different kinds of sweets like kajokatli and the laddoos and my most favorite aloo ki Tikki and what not.


What three religions celebrate Diwali?


Since India is, a secular country and people following different religions live together, so they also celebrate their respective religion’s festivals together, like eid is celebrated by both Hindus and Muslims and other minorities. Similarly, Muslims, Sikhs, and Jains also celebrate Diwali and Holi.

However, when celebrating the festival do not forget your responsibility towards your country and,i.e. to keep it clean and make the environment eco-friendly so that the future generations and we can live peacefully.



Essay on Diwali Season For Primary  level (150words)


Diwali that is also known as the festival of lights is a festival that people keep waiting throughout the year because of the fun and enjoyment they get from celebrating it. Not only adults but kids also enjoy the celebrations to its fullest.

Why do we celebrate Diwali?


On this day people remember Rama and how he got victory over Ravana, who kidnapped his wife and in the celebration of that victory people from that day onwards decorate every nook and corner of their house with candle and Diyas.

How do people celebrate Diwali?


By spending time with their loved ones, lightening their house with diyas and making rangoli and making different kinds of foods that are specially made on this day.

What do you eat on Diwali?


You get to eat sweets and fried items and whatnot, it is a great day to eat just about everything and forget that you were on any diet.

What three religions celebrate Diwali?


Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Jains and other minorities living in India, they all celebrate Diwali, Holi, and all the other religions together as they live together, so they participate in each other’s festivals also.



Essay on Diwali Season For Senior Students (1000words)

This is my favorite festival as it is full of celebration and enjoyment. You spend time with your loved ones, eat your favorite food, enjoy the fireworks, go to temples to worship with your family. It is a festival that is a great opportunity to bring back those people in your life, that you no longer talk to or you have broken up. This festival comes in autumn that is celebrated with full warmth around the world and especially in India and Nepal. People start cleaning their houses before the day arrives so that Lakshmi visit their place and bless the family with money and happiness.

It is a five-day celebration, followed by many rituals. People worship Ganesha and Lakshmi on this day to get their blessings. It is celebrated to mark the day where good dominated over evil and evil had to surrender. Children and adults both take part in the festivities will full spirit and enthusiasm. But people while celebrating, forget their social responsibility towards the society and that is to make this place ecologically friendly and sustainable for our future generations. To make this Diwali eco-friendly, you can avoid firecrackers that pollute the air and are eventually bad for your health.


Why do we celebrate Diwali?


This day is celebrated because of Rama’s victory over Ravana. People believe that Rama came back to his hometown after being exiled for 14 years, where he was fighting a war against Ravana to save his wife, and he was accompanied by his brother also. But in southern India people relates it to the story of Krishna, who freed the prisoners of Assam, that were imprisoned without any reason, by the king Naraka. But Krishna with his faith and his bravery saved them all from the cruel king.

People celebrate this day with different belief but they all know the significance of this day, and they agree on one thing that this is the day of victory of good over evil.

Diwali is also considered to be the day when Lakshmi was born, also on this day Lakshmi was saved by Vishnu from the prison of King Bali. Also, the great king of Hindu, Vikramaditya also became the king on this day and was loved by the public due to his generosity, kindness, and courage.

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How do people celebrate Diwali?


Diwali is not just a one-day festival. Instead, it is a festival of 5 days that means 5 days of enjoyment and fun. The first day is called Dhanteras Triodasi. This day marks as the arrival of Dhanwantari who came out of the ocean and bring ayurvedic with him. At the sunset time, people should take bathe and light their house with candles with Prasad, and one should pray to Yamraj to get a peaceful death.

On the second day called Chaturdasi, Krishna killed Narakasur who captured many people unjustly. This day people massage their body with oil, and then take bathe and rest so that you can take part in the celebrations actively. On the Third day,i.e. the day of puja, when people worship Lakshmi, they cleanse their inner self so that Lakshmi can bless them with prosperity, wealth and happiness. On the fourth day, Govardhan Puja is performed that is a tradition of Hindus since Krishna who first performed it. Then comes the last day that is called Bhaitaik, where brothers visit their sisters and bring gifts for her.

What do you eat on Diwali?


In Diwali, people prefer making food at home instead of buying from outside. As it is, a special occasion and people think to give it a personalized touch by cooking at home. There are many foods that people eat during this festival including, sweets, samosa, chirote, barji, ladoos, dhaibhallay, and my favorite gajar ka halwa. There are so many dishes to eat that it feels like it’s the festival of eating and nothing else. All these foods make it more festive and full of enjoyment. For me, food is the highlight of this festival.

I will try some new food this time. People also bring homemade foods with them in Diwali parties and present them as a gift to their friends and family members. Diwali is incomplete without all these yummy foods, and it’s a tradition now to make sweets and snacks on Diwali.

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What three religions celebrate Diwali?


Not only do the Hindus celebrate Diwali, but Sikhs, Jane, also celebrate it. Because Sikh band ichor divas coincide with Diwali, they celebrate this day because their 6th guru Hargobind got released this day, along with other 52 Hinduprincesthat were imprisoned by Jahangir. Then after people begged the emperor to free the guru, he released him but guru wanted other 52 kings to be released after the release guru went to Amritsar to visit the golden temple. Therefore, from that day onwards, people go to the golden temple and float candles on the water.

Jane’s celebrate this day in the memory of their lord Mahavir, and Diwali was the day .he reached nirvana, that is when he cleared all his debt with karma, and it is believed that now he will not be reborn and he is free of this birth, death and rebirth cycle. Mahavir was the person who taught people about tolerance, equality and how important is every single being on this earth.



Diwali is the most favorite festival that I love to spend with my friends and family members. I cook different snacks and sweets on this day and offer them to my loved ones. Also, we enjoy this day by dancing on our favorite songs, going to friend’s places and having non-stop fun. But what hurts me the most is after the festival is over I see litter everywhere, people don’t even bother to clean the area after celebrations which is not good and secondly, the use of firecrackers is also not good for our health and environment as it pollutes the air and is responsible for destroying the ecological balance of the environment.

Essay on Diwali in Simple English for Students
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