English Essay on Cow for School and College Students

  The cow is a very calm and gentle animal, that needs to be treated properly t avail all the benefits and should be kept with other fellow cows otherwise it cannot survive. Since it is a vegetarian fed animal, so make sure it only eats grass, shrubs, grains, and hay. In short, the animal is the best pet that you can ever have.

Essay on Cow For Secondary level (500words)

The cow is considered the most useful pet animal, as it is a domestic animal that you can keep. It is an animal that has four foot and a large body. As cows are herbivorous, so they need grass, hay, grains to eat that too in large amount due to their big body. Also, it is among those animals that are worshiped in India. But it takes a lot of work if you own a cow; a large amount of food, providing them with good food and water, keeping them clean, etc.

What is the use of cow?

A cow can be useful in many ways; it gives milk that you can drink, and from that milk, you can make butter, ghee yogurt. Apart from that you can also use its skin for making leather and farmers use its urine to make natural fertilizers, and also its dung can be used as a flame for cooking, and people cover their home with these in the rural areas to make their house water resistant and can be used for making papers.

What is interesting about a cow?

Following are some facts about cows that I bet you did not know:

  • They cannot see red and green color.
  • Generally, a cow sits and stands up at least 14 times a day.
  • Cows are also pregnant for 9 months.
  • Cows do not have as many teeth as other animals; they only have teeth on the bottom.
  • Cows have a 360-degree
  • They normally have the body temperature of 101.5 F.
  • Cows instead of using their teeth use their tongue to chew the food.
  • Cows cannot puke.
  • They do not like all the animals for their herd. Instead, they only like a few and will only stay with those and will avoid the rest.

What are the benefits of cow milk?

There are so many benefits of having cow milk; like it makes your bones stronger and teeth stronger. It also helps in controlling blood pressure and reduces the likelihood of heart diseases, keep the cholesterol in control, it also protects against cancer. Along with that, milk keeps your muscle strength and is good if you are facing depression. In short, cow milk is full of benefits and is a rich source of calcium, potassium and vitamin D.

Does cow milk help in weight loss?

Since it is lighter on the stomach and is easily digestible, so it is good for weight loss. It fastens your metabolism that makes it easier for you to burn your calories and in turn lose weight. Weight loss is one of the many benefits of drinking cow milk. Along with that drinking cow, milk is good if you drink it at night and you will have a good sleep. It does help with the weight loss, but you cannot solely rely on milk for weight loss you have to be more physical, decrease your portion, eat healthy but more frequent and avoid junk and then you will lose weight.

In short, a cow can be a very useful cow, that you can use in several ways, and once her family gets bigger you can also sell a few of them or can sell the milk.


Essay on Cow For Elementary level (300words)

Having a cow means your life is sorted, you get milk from it from which you can make other dairy products, which result in having stronger bones and muscles and since it’s worshiped in India makes it more important for us.

What is the use of cow?

You can drink cow milk and even sell it to other people, the skin can be used to make expensive leather jackets, you can eat the healthy meat as it has a lot of nutrients, and you can also sell some cows after the tribe gets bigger.       


What is interesting about a cow?

  • Cows normally weigh 1200 pounds.
  • As we all know, all cows are female, but a cow becomes a cow after giving birth to a calf before that it is called heifer.
  • The cow is a social animal and therefore, cannot live alone.
  • Cows chewing time is about 40-50 times in a minute.
  • A cow eats 40 pounds of food in a day.
  • There was a time in the 18th century where in the US every family had a cow.


What are the benefits of cow milk?

Having cow milk has so many health benefits; like it keeps cholesterol and blood pressure in check, helps in filling the vitamin D deficiency, It is really good for kids as it makes them grow faster, it keeps the heart healthy and safe from diseases and is also good for bones and teeth.

Does cow milk help in weight loss:

Of course, it does, the milk is fresh and pure and helps in making your digestive system fast and thus, result in weight loss but make sure you do exercises and portion control along with that to lose weight.

In short, if you have a cow, you have many economic benefits, and they are also easy to handle and does not require much care.

Essay on Cow For Primary level (150words)


A cow is a female animal that has four foot and a large body, and due to its large body, it eats a large quantity of food. Cow males are called bull, and both cow and bulls are normally found in the forest or grasslands.

What is the use of cow?

Cows can be used to get fresh milk, and out of that milk, you can make ghee, butter, and yogurt that is pure and fresh. Cows can also be used economically by selling their milk and their skin.

What is interesting about a cow?

  • Cows love other animals company and cannot live alone.
  • Cows are green and red color blind.
  • They normally weigh 1200 pounds
  • They only eat grass, hay, grain, and


What are the benefits of cow milk?

You can use its fresh milk for drinking and making other dairy products like yogurt, butter, ghee, etc. Overall, it keeps you and your body healthy and fit.

Does cow milk help in weight loss:

It does by making your metabolism faster, and that is how you burn your calories quickly and lose weight.


Essay on Cow For Senior Students (1200words)

In India, the cow is considered as the mother, so they give respect to it, avoid eating its meat, and are against the slaughtering of cows. They believe that cow is such a delicate animal, which needs to be taken care of as it provides us milk to drink and other dairy products, the cow is the considered very useful domestic animal and is also known as quadruped beast. The cow is a female version, and its male version is called a bull and the baby born is called calf.

The cow gives birth after 12 months of pregnancy and the moment he is born he starts walking and drinks his mother’s milk for days. It seems calm and innocent, but if she senses something negative around her kids or sees someone messing around with her kids, she can get very angry and even fight with you with his horns. Cows normally are found in forests and grassland, where there is full greenery, they only eat grass, hay and beans and that too in large quantity because of their large body. Since cow has many uses and benefits, many people around the world keep it as a pet.


What is the use of cow?

As I mentioned earlier, it is a very useful animal, and you can see its usefulness by because many people are now keeping cows as a pet to avail the benefits.

Following are the uses of a cow:

  • You can use its milk to make desserts like ice cream, custard or kheer or you can drink it as it is.
  • You can also sell milk and dairy products like ghee, yogurt, and
  • Its urine is useful for making medicine and dung can be useful to light up the fire.
  • Its skin can be used to make a leather jacket, bags, belts, shoes, etc.
  • Its bones can be used to make jewelry.
  • It can also be used as a cart.
  • As they eat grass and this helps in pests not attacking your farms, and your grass will also not catch fire.
  • You can also sell their meat and make money out of it.
  • Soaps are also a byproduct of a cow.


What is interesting about a cow?

There are many interesting facts that even I did not know and I am going to share a few with you;

  • There thick skin and hairs, keep them warm in winter.
  • The normal temperature is 101.5 F
  • They only have 32 bottom teeth, which they used to chew the food 40 times a minute.
  • They cannot survive in isolation.
  • They can sleep when standing.
  • Instead of using its teeth, cow uses its tongue to eat the food.
  • Did you know there are 800 breeds of a cow?
  • A cow spends most of its day sitting.
  • In the 18th century, every US family had a cow.
  • They chew for 8 hours in a day.
  • They have a good sense of smell.
  • They have a paranomic
  • They can also be used as a cart to drag objects.


What are the benefits of cow milk?

There are many benefits of having a cow, and it will take a whole day to write those, so I am only going to share a few benefits;

  • It not only increases metabolism but also improves your immune system.
  • IF you are a nursing mother, then having cow milk can increase your milk.
  • It keeps you ageless.
  • Helps in making your bones, teeth, and muscles stronger.
  • It also keeps your heart fit and away from all the diseases.
  • If taken at night then you will have a good sleep.
  • Increases the life span of a human.
  • It is a great source of calcium and potassium.
  • It’s also rich in protein and iodine
  • It is useful against diseases like cancer.
  • Its milk can be used to make ice cream, ghee, butter, yogurt, etc.
  • They have four digestive systems one is the reticulum, second is the rumen, third is the omasum, and lastly, abomasum and every part have a different purpose.

Does cow milk help in weight loss:

Cow’s milk can help in reducing weight as it has a great number of important nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin D and many more, but if you are drinking it then make sure it is skimmed because whole fat milk can increase your weight instead of decreasing. Along with that, no die can solely reduce your weight if you don’t accompany it with proper exercises like squats, Pilates, running, jogging. And also you have to control your portion size and eat what is healthy and less fattening, and then you will be able to lose weight by making your metabolism faster, burning your calories quickly, and your job is done. Along with being fit, being healthy is also necessary, and milk keeps you healthy internally by making you stronger from inside and keeps you energized all day.


In the end, it is all about how you treat the animal, if you do not treat the way it should be treated then it’s of no use of keeping a cow. However, if you take good care of the cow, give him good food and water keep him clean and surround it with other friendly animals or even cows are then having a cow, as a pet is a good option. Because not only it has many health benefits but also it has many economic benefits, and you can earn good amount of money from it.

Since its meat is really tasty and good for health, you can eat it and enjoy it, and it is easy on the stomach. You can found it anywhere in the world. Cows are even used as a cart to take heavy objects from one place to another. As per a famous saying “The cow is of the bovine ilk; one end is moo, the other milk.” That means that you give him good quality and quantity food and it will make a good amount of milk that is healthy for you and will keep you fit in the long run.




English Essay on Cow for School and College Students
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English Essay on Cow for School and College Students
The cow is a very calm and gentle animal, that needs to be treated properly t avail all the benefits and should be kept with other fellow cows otherwise it cannot survive
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