A Complete Easy On A Good Mother

For me, there is no single definition of a good mother because it is a miracle from God and no one line could justify how good a mother is. A mother is not just a mother for her children; she is their teacher, best friend, their driver, their cook and in case of broken families, they also play the role of a father. That is why it is said that there is no replacement for a mother because no one can love you the way your mother does.

No matter how big we grow, we would still be kids for her and will need at all times. Every mother remembers every tiny little detail about her kids; from his birth to his first food and first friend, she remembers it all.

A good mother is the one that loves you unconditionally, understands your problems and challenges without you saying anything. She always has your back and is there to support you in every matter of life. If you have a mother, you have a friend for a life that would never leave you no matter what.

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What it is like to have a good mother:

For a mother, a child is her prized possession that she cherishes every single day. For her, the most important thing in life is to see her kids happy and healthy, and she would do anything to keep her children that way.

Even if kids say hurtful things to a mother, she would still forgive them with a big smile on her face, because she cannot see her children angry from her. Still, when kids grow up, they think the mother does not understand him and is not there to support her.

Some of the mothers are working women; they still manage their job and kids at home without complaining about anyone. If a child is sick, then the mother stays awake whole night, to make sure the kid is sleeping peacefully and he does not need anything. She does not only support you financially, but she also supports you emotionally and physically, because she knows what is best for her children and what would make him happy.

A mother is a role model for her children; she set examples for her kids that how you should behave with the stranger, family member, and other relatives and how to manage work and home efficiently. Even if your mother has not slept the whole night, she would still get up and prepare breakfast for you, so that you do not go empty stomach. She will cook your favorite food, to make you happy. In this world of enemies and hypocrites, she is your only sincere friend.

Mother can never see her child in pain; she would do everything in her power to make her child happy and feel secure. Your enemies become her enemies; your friends are her friends. She would know that which one of your friends is sincere and which ones are there just for time pass. She is a shield that protects her child from every problem and instead takes all her kids problems to make them feel relaxed and stress-free.


Challenges Faced by a Mother:

A mom is a selfless creature that does not care about herself but only her children. If her children are happy she is happy, if they are sad, she is also upset. It is like a mother has 2 hearts, one that is inside her body and one in the form of her children. Being a mom, you go through a lot, and you are on duty 24/7 without any holidays or break in between. You have to work day and night to make sure your kids are safe and happy.

Being a mother is not easy; you cannot take away the pain your kids go through daily. The pain they feel during their first vaccine to their first heartbreak when they grow up, mother wants to go through the pain herself. However, you cannot, and that is what hurts a mother the most. She would cry a million times after seeing her kids in pain because she cannot do anything to reduce the pain.


You are constantly worried about your children, from their eating to their studies; a mother is concerned about everything. When they are little, a mother is worried about the sleep routine and eating habits. But as they grow older, the worries also become bigger. You are worried about your kids’ homework to and their friends’ company, you are worried that they do not indulge in any bad habit.

When your kids are small, you know that you are there for them. You can cuddle them, when they cry, feed her when they are fussy, or you can protect her when you feel they are in danger. But as they grow up, you let them go and let them deal on their own, so that they can get some self-confidence. Because you know, you will not be their every time they face any trouble.

As your children grow up, you realize that the happy moments will not last forever. They will not stay that small forever. They will grow up and turn into big boys and girls, which will then have their own lives and have their friends. They will no longer cuddle with you or play with you. You will no longer enjoy their funny expressions, and you are going to miss their crawling, first walk, first work and their laughing sound as a kid.

If you are working women, then you always find yourself juggling between personal and professional life. It becomes difficult for you to create a balance between them. You have a lot of workloads, and that starts affecting your health. You do not get enough sleep at night and have to wake up early in the morning, which makes it difficult for you to focus at work. But when you look at your kids all happy and healthy, you forget everything and realizes that you are doing all this for your little human beings.

Duties of a Mother:

The first and foremost responsibility of a mother is to do effective parenting. The mother has to make sure that the children grow up to be good citizens of the society. A mother should ensure her children do not indulge in any bad habits and become good human beings and be more considerate and loving towards others.

Another big responsibility of a mother is to communicate with her children, so that she can know what is going on in their lives and that they are not hiding anything from her or facing any problem on their own. Through proper communication, she would know what skills in terms of character, academics and practical needs to be developed in them.

A child learns the most from his mother. Therefore, it is a mother responsibility to educate their children and provide them a good education. Mother can be a teacher at home, who can help her kids with their homework and make them understand any subject, which they find difficult. This way, children can learn in a better way, and they perform better at school.

Mother is also responsible for keeping her children healthy by providing them with good food and taking good care of their health because it is a mother who gets the opportunity to bear a child. Therefore, the children are dependent on their mothers from the start. Mothers also feel relaxed when they see their child happy, healthy and protected.

Being a mother is not easy; you have to be your children’s teacher, their friend, their chef and most importantly their security guard, who is always there to protect them. No matter how grownups they become, a mother is still worried about their kids getting hurt or getting into any trouble. Therefore, a mother always stays vigilant for her kids, so they do not end up hurting themselves.

Sometimes a mother also provides financial support to its family, because a mother wants to provide her children the best of everything. She wants her kids to go to the best school, wear beautiful clothes. But all this needs a good amount of money, and for that, a mother sacrifices her freedom and goes to a job every single day to provide a living to her kids.

It is also a mother’s job to entail good habits in her kids. Like being kind to others, doing something for the poor, greeting elders nicely, taking care of your siblings and helping your mother with house chores. All these good habits will help with the character building. Take some time out from your busy routine, talk to your children, and ask them about their day and what good things they did in that day and appreciate them on those good deeds.

Ways to be a good Mother:

We mothers are under constant pressure to do our best as mothers. We get pressure from our surroundings and other mothers to be a perfect mother, but that is not possible, no one can be perfect, but you can be a good mother. Now comes the question of how can you become a good mother?

Every mom thinks she is not good enough for her children and she lacks something, but that is not always the case. Sometimes we get so hard on ourselves that we do not realize that if the child is happy and healthy, then it proves that you are a good mom. Still, if you feel that you are not a good mother, and then there is a list below of what good moms do, if you do all that, then you are also a good mother.

  • A good mom never hurt her child and keeps him protected at all times.
  • Loves her child immensely.
  • Her child is always her priority.
  • She spends most of her time with her children.
  • Stays awake to calm her crying baby.
  • She communicates with her kids and tries to resolve their problems.
  • She loves her life with her kids and does not regret having kids.
  • She plays with her kids
  • Feed her child good and nutritious food.
  • Loves holding her child.
  • She always has her children’s back.



You cannot say which one is a good mother and which one is a bad mother because all of them are struggling an doing their best to do everything in their power to keep their kids happy. There are times when even a good mom breaks down because of all the responsibility, stress and no break but that is ok, and there is nothing wrong with it.

You get exhausted with all the duties and burden, and it is your right to feel that way, but still, you manage to smile and take care of your kids because you love them more than you love yourself and that is enough to prove that you are a good mom.

Being a mom means you are responsible for each and everything and you have to take care of a tiny little creature, from his eating to his sleeping, you have to do it all, without complaining. We do not realize how much a mother does for her child until we become mothers ourselves. So whenever you see a mom, do appreciate her efforts and praise her for raising her children so well.

It takes a mom’s life to raise a child, and it’s not easy, you sacrifice your sleep, your freedom, your life, your everything just for your child and not everyone is capable of doing that, except mothers. So this article is a tribute to all those mothers, who are doing their best to keep their children protected and happy and they think that they are not good enough. But let me tell you guys, that you are the best mom and no one can take care of your child, the way you do. So keep doing a good job.*

“So many times you feel like you have failed, but in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child, you are a SUPER MOM.”


A Complete Easy On A Good Mother
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A Complete Easy On A Good Mother
there is no single definition of a good mother because it is a miracle from God and no one line could justify how good a mother is.
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